Stephen Krashen

Stephen KrashenA pioneering researcher in second-language acquisition, Stephen Krashen is an emeritus professor at the University of Southern California. His areas of expertise include bilingual education, English as a second language, heritage language development, literacy, the impact of high-stakes testing, and related topics. For more information, visit www.sdkrashen.com.


James Crawford

James CrawfordA prolific author, formerly Washington editor of Education Week, James Crawford became an advocate for English language learners when he took on the English Only movement. Currently president of the Institute for Language and Education Policy, he speaks frequently on the politics of bilingualism, legislation affecting ELLs, and working with news media. For more information, visit www.languagepolicy.net.


Sharon Adelman Reyes

James CrawfordA veteran educator, Sharon Adelman Reyes has worked as a teacher and administrator at every level from prekindergarten to graduate school. Her recent books, Teaching in Two Languages and Constructivist Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners, are fast becoming standard texts in professional development programs.


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