How can curriculum, instruction, and program development be strengthened to meet the needs of ELLs?

The answer is not always clear.  DiversityLearningK12 consultants can come on site to talk with faculty, administration, and parents, tour facilities, and partner with you in creating the professional support your school or district needs. 

The Interactive Bilingual Program Planner (© DiversityLearningK12) and the Educational Placement Planner for ELLs (© DiversityLearningK12) have been developed to assist in planning and building programs and in placing students. Adaptations can be made to these instruments so that they are a custom fit to your school or district. But these are only starting points.  A DiversityLearning K12 consultant with the knowledge and expertise relevant to your specific concerns will guide you through an entire process to bring your district up to the desired educational outcomes.

Our curriculum consultants can help ensure that instruction for ELLs is consistent with your program philosophy and design and with current research in best practices. We can work with you in developing a plan to assess progress along the way, with authentic tools that educators can use in the classroom as part of the normal course of instructional activities.

One size never fits all. To request consulting services based on concerns unique to your school or district, and provide the relevant information at:


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